This Week's Podcast: How About a More Jewish Christian Theology?

July 6, 2016

Well, Everyone!

Our second edition of Toward a More Jewish Jesus is up, and the production values are improving week by week, thank God.

Our current episode (#2) Is on the theme "How About a More Jewish Christian Theology?" We couldn't think of anything provocative to address, so we chose that!

At the risk of sounding self-serving (which I am, but I don't like it to be obvious) you should all be listening to and/or watching this podcast.  Why, you ask?  Because it will equip most if not all of you to better understand life and relationship at the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds. Whether you are Jewish or not, and whether you are a Yeshua believer or not, if you care about truth, and if you care about relationships between Jews and Christians, this is a must. So listen, even SUBSCRIBE (see below), and for sure, pass the word on to your friends.

If you have friends with whom you have been having interesting or even difficult conversations on these matters. or friends with whom you wish to open dialogue about a more Jewish Jesus and what that means for all concerned, then having them listen to or watch episodes of this podcast is the best way to get things moving. 

How can you subscribe?

Through iTunes: The simplest way to subscribe to our podcast is via Apple’s iTunes. Once set up, iTunes will automatically download new episodes of Toward a More Jewish Jesus as soon as they are available. Just follow these simple steps:
1.    Download iTunes at
2.    Install iTunes.
3.    Search iTunes for “Toward a More Jewish Jesus” or click this link:
4.    Double-click any file to play.
5.    To get each new episode sent to you automatically in iTunes, just click the Subscribe button on the podcast page.

For those of you who want a short cut to a first listen, here’s your shortcuts!   

Here is the link for our audio version on  iTunes
Or you can download the audio version at the link provided below. 
iTunes Link for VIDEO Podcast:
Another way to watch and download the weekly video podcast:
And yet another way, on our YouTube VIDEO Interfaithfulness Channel :
You can also watch our Vimeo VIDEO Podcast:

So subscribe, have your friends subscribe, and spread the word. 

This stuff is important, or I wouldn't have devoted fifty years of my life to it!  Give it a shot!

Shalom for now!

2 comments on “This Week's Podcast: How About a More Jewish Christian Theology?”

  1. So far, so GREAT! I am loving what you are doing and am encouraging friends to subscribe. The rocket booster analogy is classic Dauermann...making a complex concept crystal clear. Kol hakavod!

  2. Wonderful to hear from you, Sue, and THANK YOU for your kind words. It brought a big smile to an old face.

    I believe this podcast is crucial. NO ONE is doing anything quite like it, and I am delighted to have the privilege.

    BEST regards to Steve.

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