About Dr. Stuart Dauermann

Our Director, Rabbi Stuart Dauermann, holds an MA and PhD in Intercultural Studies. A multi-media communicator, he focuses on increasing understanding and improving communication at the intersection where the Jewish and Christian worlds encounter each other and the Jewish Jesus, and focusing on a Messianic Jewish vision for serving the Jewish people's tomorrow today.

His doctoral dissertation, The Rabbi as a Surrogate Priest, explores the evolution of the rabbinic role, identifying sixteen functions performed by rabbis, and finding their roots in the roles of priests and Levites in First and Second Temple Judaism. In 2017 he published Converging Destinies: Jews, Christians, and the Mission of God, exploring the complementary roles of the Jewish and Christian worlds in the purposes of the God of Israel, and how we should live together, accountable to Him. 

In 2022 he published Eat This Book: Strength for Your Journey With The Jewish Jesus, a guide to apprenticing disciples of Yeshua in the Jewish context.  These and other publications such as Christians and Jews Together, Keeping the Faith in Interfaith Relationships, and Son of David: Healing the Vision of the Messianic Jewish Movement, may all be found ay Amazon.com, each providing the research base for the diverse services Interfaithfulness provides.

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