So What Do You Do? An Interfaithfulness Response

August 11, 2016

I've been doing some thinking about our particular niche, because it is clear that people don't know exactly what we do.

That's a problem.

So here's the solution.

We are consultants and problem-solvers who help Jews and Christians navigate life with God and each other.

We do our best work when we help you find the information you seek at the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds. And if you are blocked either spiritually or relationally, we help you to ask better questions on the way toward finding better answers.

Some examples.

This past week saw us answering an inquiry from a Christian academic, seeking to answer questions for Jewish academic who had long sought to understand what Christians believe, but who found the standard resources for doing so indecipherable and unconvincing. We were able to recommend about seven resources for her to consider putting in his hands. She immediately commented how relieved she was to find someone who understood Jewish thinking and experience, and was able to help translate the Christian world into Jewish terms. This is something we do, and we are very good at it.

People sigh with relief when they find that we deeply understand what they are facing.

So it is that two women of color commented to me about about a recent blog post concerning Moses and his intermarriage to a Cushite woman (read, "Black woman"), and how his older sister and brother criticized him for other things because of their displeasure at the marriage. These women were so grateful that we understood and gave them biblical resources for understanding the issues involved.

As Director, I bring a long lifetime of experience at the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds. Nearly fifty years of professional work helping Christians and Jews understand God and each other, plus an M.A. and PhD in intercultural Studies help explain why my face lights up whenever people come to me with tough questions needing better answers.  I love making myself available to help. And where more than a few minutes conversation is needed. our rates for client appointments are most reasonable.

We have a weekly worksheet for Jewish and Intermarried households called Shulchan Shelanu. If your household fits this description, send us your email address and we will see that you start receiving it.

Within a month we will be offering another newsletter, Signals, especially for people negotiating the tricky traffic patterns at the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds.

Soon we will begin offering online webinars providing a deep fund of information and insight upgrading spirituality and relationships.  You will like that!

At Interfaithfulness we are your consultants, and if necessary, your problem solvers.

We believe we offer:

  • Better availability.
  • Better resources.
  • Better questions.
  • Better answers.

Here we are.

And how are you?

Write us at in**@in***************.org, or give us a call at 626-765-4359.

We can help.





Don't forget to visit our podcast, TOWARD A MORE JEWISH JESUS. 



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