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If we are honest with ourselves, we will change the name of the United States of America. The Divided States of America seems more fitting.  Many, perhaps all of us, would agree we are living in a nation divided against itself. We have a problem. It is far more profound than our division, which is only […]

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Bigger is not always better, except with Sumo wrestlers.  WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? Smaller groups are better than big congregations in one crucial way. Read on and find out more! We call the bigger gatherings, Great Commotion Congregations. WHAT IS A GREAT COMMOTION CONGREGATION? Great Commotion Congregations assume bigger is always better. Therefore, Great Commotion […]

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Is Discipleship a Boat to Nowhere?

If you expect disciples to dress bad, smell bad, and spout irrelevant archaic babble, you've got company. Nowadays, in some circles, being a disciple is about as popular as being a pimp. But that's all a lot of bad press for something magnetic you wouldn’t want to miss. WHY IT MATTERS Disciples are meant to […]

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Christians and Jews always should have been friends, each growing in their own traditions, sharing a warm relationship with the same God and with each other. But it seems we’ve forgotten how, and some people say this can’t and even shouldn’t be done. We don’t think it has to be that way, nor should it. Here at Interfaithfulness we tear down walls, and instead build bridges. We don't claim to have all the answers, but perhaps we can help you find clarity on the questions.

Let's build bridges together.


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