The Doctor is In! Making an Appointment With Rabbi Stuart Dauermann, PhD

. . .You are a Jew who has recently come to believe in Jesus. Your Christian wife thinks you ought to just love the church she goes to, but the Pastor is clueless and seems not to notice nor care about his offensive statements about Judaism and the State of Israel. Where can you go to get expert advice about how to explain things to others and to get through to him?

. . .You are Jewish and for one reason or another you have developed an appetite to know more about the one whom we call The More Jewish Jesus. Somehow, and for whatever reason, you want to know more so you might consider what benefit for you, if any, lies in this direction. Who is there to give you experienced and reliable guidance?

. . . You are a Christian, recently married to a fine Jewish husband. Now you are pregnant, and the parents, and even siblings, on both sides are driving you crazy with questions and demands about how you will raise your child. You never thought these things through before, but now you can’t even sleep worrying about them! Where can you go to find someone who can advise you and even meet with you and the others too to work through ways to reduce these tensions?

. . . You have leadership responsibilities in a Messianic Jewish congregation. You have lots of questions, and need someone experienced and knowledgeable to advise you on issues you are facing. No one appropriate seems available. Who might help you?

. . .You’ve been a Yeshua believer a long time, but, to tell the truth, your life is not working very well, prayer leaves you cold, most of your Bible is a closed book, and everything seems stale and "been-there, done-that."  Who can help you revitalize your spiritual life and discover new possibilities?

At Interfaithfulness, issues like these and many like them are our sweet spot. In keeping with our mission statement, "Building bridges where history builds walls," in our coaching/mentoring/consultancy work we help bridge you and others you care about to new possibilities and a better tomorrow. We call this kind of mentoring arrangement, a Bridge-Building Alliance.

The diagram below summarizes some of the doctoral research of our Director, Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann where he identified sixteen functions that rabbis perform, which used to be performed by priests and Levites in Old and New Testament days. The diagram is included here to stimulate your imagination, helping you identify areas where Dr. Dauermann might help you build or fortify some bridges in your own life.

Functions of a Rabbi as Surrogate Priest
From The Rabbi as a Surrogate Priest, by Rabbi Stuart Dauermann, PhD

Use this link to make an appointment to talk with Rabbi Dauermann in a no cost, exploratory interview. There you  any may also include a brief note to will help him prepare for your meeting.

All meetings take place on Zoom, an on-line, free, private, and secure video chat. Upon your submitting your request, a Zoom link will be sent to you. Simply click on that link at the time of your meeting and we will be face to face!

In the meantime, look at the diagram. Discover where and how we might help you. And in case you haven't done so yet,  to make that appointment, click here.

If, after this first interview, we agree to meet again, just use the same link to arrange for subsequent meetings.

Please note: NO meetings can be scheduled between Friday night and Saturday night (Shabbat) and on Jewish holy days. 

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