About Interfaithfulness


  • We provide consultation and counsel to assist you in identifying your issues and finding new solutions at the intersection of the Jewish and Christian worlds.
  • We provide visionary leadership, organizational support, and instructional materials to a growing network of  HaB'er Discovery Havurot, for Jewish and Intermarried households, a hybrid between havurah and house church structures. .
  • We hold teaching events and workshops on various issues, often linked to our publications.
  • We visit your context to teach home groups, address congregations, and conduct special events.
  • We publish books, available on Amazon.
  • We distribute our e-newsletter Signals, to help you navigate the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds.
  • We have a media presence, including Facebook,  where we link you to a our videos, podcasts, and also our blog at www.interfaithfulness.org
  • And more!

Donate to Interfaithfulness here:

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