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    Shulchan Shelanu Subscription

    The Applied Parasha is our weekly user-friendly discussion starter that examines each week’s scripture reading (parasha) from the Torah, with added light from the Haftarah (weekly prophetic reading) and also the B’sorah, the stories about Yeshua of Nazareth and his earliest disciples. It arrives in your e-mail every week, usually on a Thursday, sometimes earlier.

    To spark vivid conversation,  distribute it around the table to family and friends, begin reading out loud in turn, and discover the delight of discussion-based communal learning. The more heated the discussion, the better!

    We call it The Applied Parasha because it is always life-oriented. It will stimulate you to discover new insights of your own that will challenge others around the table. It is exciting stuff!

    It is $18.00 per month (that’s a Chai Tea Latte a week!),  $180.00 per year, and for havurot, $54.00.

    The Applied Parasha changes discussion, changes minds, and changes lives.

    Why not let that happen to you and those you love?

    From: $18.00 / month


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