What Are Yeshua's People Supposed To Be Doing?

April 24, 2020

When we gather together again in a post-Corona Virus world, we who claim to honor and serve Yeshua the Messiah will most certainly have a job to do. For now, as best we can, we are doing it virtually, but soon, please God, we will be our Kingdom job actually. This is true whether we are part of the Messianic Jewish world, or part of the church world.

But what is it that we are supposed to be doing? Answering that question will point us all toward better ways of doing what we are supposed to do.

Here is a brief overview of my answer to the "What are we supposed to be doing" question. Although there are other kinds of gatherings we can, will, and should have, here I invite you to consider an often neglected and misconstrued foundational building block of Yeshua-honoring communities.

In succeeding blogs I will more closely examine the six elements found in this diagram.

But first, an overview.

  1. We form gatherings which are outposts of the Kingdom of God. You might term these "Consulates of the Kingdom."
  2. Our gatherings which we call "B'erot" ("Wells," more of that later!) are like consulates of the Kingdom. They are face to face gatherings of the Father's family. This means the bigger is not better. In fact, for such gatherings and the purposes they serve, smaller is better.
  3. We gather to mature in the family likeness. If we are the Father's family, then we should be growing in the family likeness, which is so perfectly displayed in Yeshua, our senior brother.
  4. In the Presence and power of the Spirit, we live out the obedience of faith for the sake of God's Name. Our lifestyle embodies trust in the God of Israel and the Nations, honoring him in our obedience.
  5. Through our words, actions, prayers, we express and extend the Kingdom of God, his reign, where his Name is hallowed and his will is done.
  6. We multiply other gatherings like our own.

Next time we will look in more detail at the first two of these items. Nothing is as simple as it seems, nor as complicated as you imagine.

But most important––this points us toward what we are supposed to be doing! And if not this, what?

Leave your questions and comments below, here on the blog.

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For a video linked to this post, see https://youtu.be/EKCF8fh2ioM

One comment on “What Are Yeshua's People Supposed To Be Doing?”

  1. Hi there,

    Here's your friend in Toronto. Good post. I'd love to have a home-based chavurah but with all the other congregation activities, not sure people will be up for yet another. I'll think about it and will ask possible attendees what they think.

    Minor typo in . Should be: But soon, please God, IT will be.

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