The Countdown Grows Short! What is a Podcast and When Does Ours Begin?

June 21, 2016

For those of you for whom the terms is new or hazy, what is a podcast?

“Podcast” is a combination of the word "pod" from iPod and "cast" from broadcast.  Podcasts were first offered as a feature on the original iPod, and the name for the most part has held over the years even for people using other devices.

A podcast is an audio or video program that one may find on the Internet or have delivered regularly to various devices (like Smart Phones and iPods, iPads, tablets, or computers). Think of it as a radio or TV program accommodated to your schedule if you will but become a subscriber

We’ll tell you more about where to find our podcast and how to subscribe in another blog post prior to our launch. And when is our launch? (Drum roll please).

We will be launching the Toward a More Jewish Jesus podcast at  midnight (PDT) Monday, June 27.

We will tell you how to link up in a later blog post this week. It will be available both in video and audio formats.

Yes, we are excited.

And we are shooting our first two or three episodes TOMORROW!!!

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