Shalom Talks - Coming to an Area Near You?

March 27, 2016

As we said in a recent posting, we are currently evaluating launching  discussion gatherings in the Los Angeles area for people interested in how to productively navigate the boundary and space between the Christian and Jewish worlds.  This is especially crucial for the intermarried. Did you know that seven out of ten Jewish marriages today are intermarriages?  Even where the partners are "not religious" and love each other madly, there are lots of issues that will come up for themselves and their families of origin, especially when the lady of the house gets pregnant.

When that happens, all kinds of issues come up. Guaranteed. And we are there to help the couple, and their family and friends think through the issues. Welcome to Shalom Talks. A place for Christians and Jews to work things out. A place to have conversations for change. We may use the term "Shalom Talk" singular instead. We'll know real soon.

Welcome to Shalom Talks, a place for Christians and Jews to work things out. A place to have conversations for change.

Here at interfaithfulness we believe that such discussion is foundational to learning, It's at the heart of Jewish learning, and hinted at in the Bible for people with eyes to see and ears to hear.


This is why our Shalom Talks will always include discussion.

These meetings are for the intelligently interested rather than the religiously fixated.  It is especially for Jewish people, for Jew-Christian intermarried people, and for Christians who have significant Jewish others in their lives. If you feel the need to preach to others, you might want to stay home. But do come if you want to hear what others think because it just might help you think better yourself. And in the process you will also get to work out and speak forth your own views in an atmosphere where everyone treats everyone else respectfully

Current plans are to conduct our Shalom Talk gathering in localities in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our preference is to meet in neutral space: restaurant meeting rooms, even some coffee establishments have such places, where the expenses are low, and where there is closed off space where we can have some fun together. Homes would be nice too. As for churches and synagogues, that might be so, but we want to preserve a non-sectarian and approachable character, so we thing more "secular" space is preferable,

But before that happens, we are planning to launch a podcast. And we will have more to say about that in a week. 

Meanwhile, if you are interested in knowing more about our Shalom Talks in the L.A. area,  and/or if you know a place which might serve as our meeting place, please let us know. Write us at in**@in***************.org. Title your message SHALOM TALKS.  And be sure to tell us in what part of town you live.

Let's listen. Let's talk. Let's learn. Then let's change the world.

It sure could use it!




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