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February 27, 2014

Interfaithfulness is a creative enterprise structured around our vision statement, "Exploring the synergy between Judaism and Christianity, partnership between Christians and Jews, and the relationship between God's tomorrow and our today."  I believe it is John Howard Yoder who said that the Jewish and Christian worlds are one community currently existing in a state of schism destined to be healed.  Paul the Apostle uses different terms: he speaks of two fullnesses, not one, two--both coordinated by the same God through Yeshua the Messiah: the fullness of the nations and the fullness of Israel. These are not the same thing, and the church does not swallow up Israel, nor does Israel swallow up the church. That's why Paul can see God's endgame involving two fullnesses, not one, but as I said, both coordinated through the same Yeshua.

If you will visit our webpage you will discover that we do a lot of things: coaching, mentoring, public speaking, writing, and something called the Jewish Advantage which is a Jewish approach to developing a deep, wide, warm, relational engagement with all of Scripture, something all of us should have, that plenty of people talk about,  but hardly anyone has! We know how to change that, and that's one of our long term goals.

We are still in the developmental stages of The Jewish Advantage initiative, but that doesn't mean we're dormant. We get around, and are highly mobile.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, I taught a Jewish Advantage workshop to some great people at Kehilat Ariel, San Diego, a fine Messianic congregation. In one day I taught people about inductive Bible study, and techniques for mastering a whole book. We did Zechariah. AND we had a blast. Here are some pictures form that occasion.

If you want to know more about this kind of study and what we have to offer, give me a call at 626-765-4359, our Intefaithfulness number, or send an email to

Here's the pictures. you will notice that in some of them people are studying in pairs: this is a Jewish study method called the chevruta, and boy is it a blast!

Plans are developing for a learning center that will blow your minds, but that's for another time.  Just know, things are happening and much more is down the road a piece.

Like I said, enjoy the pictures. You might see someone you know!

IMG_20140209_142632          IMG_20140209_110059-2          IMG_20140209_110047          IMG_20140209_142643

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