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July 16, 2013

To understand what we do at Interfaithfulness, it helps to break our name into three interlocking parts: Interfaith, exploring the synergy between Judaism and Christianity; Faithful, exploring partnership between Jews and Christians; and Fullness, exploring the relationship between God’s tomorrow and our today.  Let’s unpack that a bit.

Interfaith – We offer new perspectives on the relationship between Judaism and Christianity leading to new discussions and new possibilities for all kinds of people, including but not limited to interfaith couples, their extended families, and professionals seeking to serve them.  We know there are also many concerned Jews and Christians who, while maintaining their own convictions, believe that God is also at work among others.  Our expertise is in the area of Judaism and Christianity. At the heart of this paradigm is a conviction that these two faith  communities are divinely intended to live in complementary synergy, with their historical/spiritual trajectories destined to converge beyond the final horizon of history, beyond what we can now know.

Faithful – We believe it beneficial for Christians and Jews to ask themselves this question: “What will it mean for me/us to honor God in my/our current life situation?” We seek to facilitate understanding and growth for people facing such issues.  We also want to to aid interdating people, intermarrieds, their families and friends as they explore how Christians and Jews might best partner in serving God.  We further that pathway to faithfulness through our Jewish Advantage initiative which enables people to develop strong biblical foundations, and our Interfaithfulness Coaching and Spiritual C.O.R.E. Coaching programs which provide skills and perspectives for increased understanding, problem-solving and spiritual growth.

Fullness – These new perspectives and possibilities are energized by a vision of a future when Israel and the nations will live together in harmony and joy. This was the vision promised in the scriptures and championed by the prophets of Israel who looked forward to the day when “the Lord shall be King over all the earth,” when  “many peoples shall come, and say: ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths.’” The Apostle Paul termed these converging destinies of Israel and the nations,  “the fullness of Israel” and “the fullness of the nations.” We are convinced that our path becomes clearer and brighter as we order our today around God’s tomorrow.

Our Messianic Jewish perspective is strong on Jewish communal continuity and covenantal responsibility, and committed to helping people see Yeshua (Jesus) in his natural Jewish context, and Christianity as a work of Israel’s God. However, people do not need to share our Messianic Jewish commitments in order to benefit from our assistance in reaching clarity on the synergistic possibilities outlined here.

Our tag-line, “Touching tomorrow,” speaks of how on the one hand, we are being shaped by a vision of the tomorrow that God has promised, and on the other hand, we shape that tomorrow by how we serve that vision today.

These are exciting ideas. We hope you will come explore them with us!



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