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August 22, 2023

I gave up on New York City.

I was born there. I lived there until I moved to California a mere fifty years ago. I have three grown children who live there, and one fascinating grandson. All my other relatives are in that area (Florida is a suburb of New York).

New York City. It’s the largest urban concentration of Jews in the world, and I am called to interpret Yeshua to the Jewish world.

But about a year ago, I gave up on New York.

The numbers just didn’t work. I couldn’t afford to live there.

And a year ago I had a stroke. It stopped me in my tracks, and God certainly got my attention! Then he healed me from the effects of the stroke. I am typing with a once-paralyzed hand and if you see me walking, you will never guess I had that stroke and once struggled to stagger behind an aluminum walker.     

And then, something else.

The Great Chess Master moved some pieces of reality in a way I never anticipated. Never dreamed. Never asked.

So start spreading the news.

Naomi and I are moving to New York, New York where I have accepted a position as Rabbi of Shuvah Yisrael Messianic Congregation in Plainview, which is on Long Island, a lovely extension of BROOKLYN, where I grew up.

I will also continue as Rabbi of Ahavat Zion Messianic Synagogue in Los Angeles, “Your On-line Alternative,” and I will be broadening ministry of my non-profit, Interfaithfulness, the hub of the various ways I build bridges instead of walls where the Jewish and Christian worlds intersect.  

Naomi and I are not going to New York because I am a New Yorker. We are not going because our children, grandson, and other family members are there.

These are good reasons. But there is a better one.

We are going because God has opened a door and given us a nudge. 

Something about fruitfulness.  

Start spreading the news.

37 comments on “Start Spreading the News”

  1. Stuart..... sensitivity and response to the calling of G-d upon your lives wonderful to see your faithfulness at work! Many blessings to you and your family. May your new position bring you much joy ......You have been an important friend to us for many years....

    1. Thank you Pat. Just yesterday I was thinking about your role in my life. You and Richard have been nothing but encouraging to me and to our movement. May you both continue to reap the fruit of your deeds.

  2. I am excited that God has moved you to New York. I’m sure he will use you to benefit our Jewish people. I believe there are a number of people that God is calling as a remnant. Hope all things work out for you at ShuvaH Yisrael. We at ShuvaH Yisrael in Connecticut are supporting you with our prayers.

  3. We are excited and glad you are coming to Shuvah. Looking forward to meeting you and working with you to bring in the lost sheep of Israel. Welcome Rabbi Stuart and Rebbitzin Naomi.

  4. Stuart, I am grateful for the time we had to talk at the UMJC Conference earlier this summer. Glad to know that this worked out. Of course it would have worked out either way, but the time waiting to see which way is a burden.

    Thank you for the honor of calling you "friend".

  5. Congratulations to both of you! When the Lord moves the chess pieces, it is ALWAYS a good move.
    God's best from friends who have nothing but the highest regard for you,
    Nick and Leona

  6. Dear Stuart,
    “God did a Daniel once again.”

    “Just like did so long ago in Jericho, God just made a wall fall down!”

    We are so grateful to know you are are coming to carry on the legacy of Shuvah Yisrael & to broaden the already wonderful legacy of your life and ministry! Thank you for moving with the cloud by day and the fire by night!
    In Messiah’s chesed v’emet
    Rabbi David

  7. Blessings on your move and new ministry opportunities! This is California’s loss, though…. Josh will miss your philosophical walks.

    1. Those walks were unique in my experience, Annette. That fact that a young leader like Josh would come out just to walk and talk with me was a beautiful thing. I will miss these as well, but look forward to further contact by other means.

  8. Stuart will miss you on our LA pop-ins! But all the more reason to catch up when we are in the Big Apple! Best part of this update is how you continue to used to further His kingdom—-and with both feet and hands warms our heart.
    All the best,
    Scott and Tracy and the Svoboda family!

  9. Baruch HaBah, Rabbi-Musician Stu! Just recently heard about your return to New York from Elliot Klayman - and Mazel tov! You and MacArthur! ("I shall return!") 🙂 I hope we can have some collegial time together some time soon. You fellow rabbi-musician across the East River at Beth El of Manhattan.

  10. Yo Rabbi:
    So excited you will be returning to New York. It makes me wish that I and Bonnie still lived there so we could experience more music and koinonia with you. We still howl with laughter at the memory of your dancing the Twist to the Brandenburg Concertos!
    His love to you and Naomi,
    Paul and Bonnie Roberts

  11. Shalom, dear brother. Wonderful to learn of the new fruit bearing calling! God has done a remarkable and gracious work of inner healing in my life over the many years, and I want to thank you for the role you played in some of the earlier ones. Presently I’m at the end of my earthly days with terminal illness. Be blessed to know that Trees of the Field will be sung at my celebration gathering, superintended by Bill Bjoraker. Love to you in Yeshua … Paula

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