Interfaithfulness is entirely dependent upon people like you.

Currently, there are five avenues for your donations which you may wish to specify on the memo line of your checks. Please make out all checks to Interfaithfulness.

  1. Our general fund, where your gift will go to where it is needed most. This is the default destination of gifts not otherwise designated.
  2. Mentoring and Coaching – Donations related to mentoring and coaching services you receive from us. Contact us for information on our flexible fee schedule.
  3. HaB'er (The Well) - Our work with households and havurot,
  4. Speaking and teaching - Honoraria, fees or donations connected with speaking and teaching events. Contact us for information on our flexible fee schedule.

All donations are tax deductible, minus the stated charges or costs for goods and services you receive in connection with the donation.

Therefore, if you give a gift of $75.00 in connection with ordering a book which costs $25.00, your tax deductible receipt will be for $50.00. This is standard operating procedure for organizations such as ours, approved for 501c3 status by the Department of Internal Revenue.

Information regarding suggested donations for mentoring and coaching services is provided when such services are being arranged and discussed.

When you purchase books through our Amazon link, we receive a small stipend for books sold, but apart from that all monies you send to Amazon go to them, not to us. Therefore, make your check and credit purchases with them strictly for the purchase and shipping prices of which they inform you, and donate to us separately via our website or by mail.

For those seeking to donate by mail, our mailing address is as follows:

Interfaithfulness, P.O. Box 6137, Altadena, CA, 91003-6137.

Designate your donation:
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