Our Podcast, Toward a More Jewish Jesus,  is currently on hiatus pending technological adjustment. When reconvened, it will be available in both audio-visual and audio formats. While respecting proper boundaries, our discussions stimulate Jews and Christians to discover how much we have in common with each other, far more than most people ever imagine. All of this contributes our goal, upgrading spirituality and relationship for Jews and Christians. 

The more intimate your relationships with Christian and Jewish friends and family, the more you will appreciate Toward a More Jewish Jesus.

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Every time a new episode of Toward a More Jewish Jesus is produced a file of it is created and is posted to a specific feed on our website. But instead of you coming to get it, you will be notified when these  become available and depending on how you configure things, it can be automatically delivered to you.
How can you subscribe?
Through iTunes: The simplest way to subscribe to our podcast is via Apple’s iTunes. Once set up, iTunes will automatically download new episodes of Toward a More Jewish Jesus as soon as they are available. Just follow these simple steps:
1.    Download iTunes at https://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
2.    Install iTunes.
3.    Search iTunes for “Toward a More Jewish Jesus” or click this link:
4.    Double-click any file to play.
5.    To get each new episode sent to you automatically in iTunes, just click the Subscribe button on the podcast page.

For those of you who want a short cut to a first listen, here’s your shortcuts!   

Audio is not on iTunes yet but will be soon.
Still, you may listen to and download our audio podcast at the link provided below. (We will let you know when it comes up on iTunes). 
iTunes Link for VIDEO Podcast:
Another way to watch and download the weekly video podcast:
And yet another way, on our YouTube VIDEO Interfaithfulness Channel :
You can also watch our Vimeo VIDEO Podcast:
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